Purified Element
Colorless diamonds, gentle, translucent, brilliant,
elegant and gorgeous, possess colorful glints,
making one feel like staying in the winter fairyland and loving it at first sight.
In the diamond world, however, there is not just one color.
Besides those colorless, translucent diamonds,
The diamond is the most mysterious and brilliant jewelry in human history,
and the most common one is colorless.
there are gorgeous colorful diamonds whose glamour originates from their unique colors.
The purer their color is and the higher their saturability is, the more valuable they will be.
Yellow Of Impression
High-quality yellow diamonds,
with luxury, elegance, charm and transcendency,
have great appeal that is hard to resist for people.

Yellow stands for initiative and optimism while implying the infinite potency of life. Translucent yellow can add luster to a woman anywhere.

From light yellow to fancy vivid yellow, natural yellow diamonds are at first found in South Africa. Pure, translucent, natural yellow diamonds with homogeneous colors are scarce, while those reaching the rank of colorful diamonds are even rarer.

To get such an extraordinary color, we produce the synthesized yellow diamonds with the same glint by adopting the most state-of-the-art technology and the most excellent cutting, thus allowing more people to capture the bright starlight that falls to mortals
Different from the purity, simpleness and beauty of the colorless diamonds, noble and elegant synthesized yellow diamonds bring another rich allure to people. They are valuable and playing an important part in our daily lives. For example, they are the focus under the flashlight and great favorites in the fashion circle.

You needn’t bother to find something to go with the synthesized yellow diamonds which give off sunshine-like charming colors. What you need to do is just presenting its own gloss which is sufficient to amaze everyone. These yellow diamonds, shining on the fingertips or dancing on the neck, can promptly grasp every eyeball. The flamboyant shines illuminate your romantic, dreamlike life and warm every proud soul. Love the Yellow of Impression, and love the feeling of being in the focus!