Freyja, the goddess of love in the Northern European myth, shows great love for Ulduar, her husband, who leaves her without saying goodbye which makes her shed sad tears. Her tears that drip onto the stones become diamond and those into the mud turn into gold dust, while those into the sea amber. She travels around the world while crying and searching for Ulduar, leaving diamond and gold all over the world.

Our designers are deeply moved by her persistent love. Love is what makes one insist and feel happy. Maybe not all the romances start with falling in love, but your impressive charm still linger in my mind. A symbol for liberty and persistence, Rakkaus series, touching and adorable, represent the persistence and concentration with K-gold combined with yellow diamonds and its hollow-out heart shape perfectly going with the skin.

It is always believed that true love lies in its profundity and tenacity.
Time flies while an unchanged heart remains persistent and tenacious.

It is always believed that such a snow-like pure love still exists on earth.
And it has been imbedded into each other’s lives since the first acquaintance.

Only time will witness the truth of love.