Differentiate The Inspiration
Different from the traditional product thinking, VINKKI, with its core idea as Green and Circulation, returns to nature and simpleness, thus coexisting with the environment in harmony. We respect the principle of sustainable development, and infuse this spirit into every detail of the product design so as to capture the combination of the nature and the humanity.
Different from orthodox design expression, VINKKI, with its design principle as “Seeing is obtaining”, is only aimed at depicting the purest beauty with all its technology and work. We pursue shadows and depict every glint with the incomparable bright colors accompanied by inherent mystery. We pursue colors and allow those layered colors to be spread out on every corner of the lifestyle and fashion. We also pursue reality and allow the tensive Northern European minimalist art to rein the freedom and individuality, as well as expressing the self-feeling.
Different from the orthodox value culture, VINKKI takes “Colorful Bloom” as its culture essence. What really rouses one's tender emotions is not changeless waiting, but the display and annotation of personality, brilliant and bright even if it is transient just like the aurora. We use science and art to interpret character and fashion. We feel the shines and colors in the fantastic natural world and pursue dreams and romance in our elegant lives, so as to arouse our truest desire for the world. Even if we have only one chance, we will make it!
VINKKI, keeping those flowing lights and colors in our hearts for ever!